Paintball is a fun activity that is great for Team building, excersie and creating and meeting new friends. With paintball you have a Paintball marker that shoots balls of paint at your opponents. We offer 3 different playing experiences for paintball. We have packages Starting at ages 6 and older. Paintball involves different objectives and scenarios which require team work, strategy and completing objectives with your team mates.


what is Paintball

Paintball Is An Active Sport And Not For The Faint of Heart!

You should know, that the game`s goals may alter and include elimination, capturing the flag and other objects hidden in the playing area, defending the particular point, the attack of the enemy zone.


Laser Tag

Our laser tag gives you the sounds and feel and the range of paintball with out the sting of paintball. If your looking for a pain free adventure, then this is for you! Laser tag is now available for everyone ages 7 and up ( or must be able to hold the gun )

With multiple game modes, battle upgrades, and real life sound effects, North East Adventures Laser Tag allows you to shoot over 100' and is very accurate like no other

North East Adventure's Laser Tag is an experience like no other. With our laser system you are able to play outside in full sun light, and with incredible range and accuracy. With the different weapon modes you can play as a sniper, shot gun, machine gun, bazooka, and more. Different game modes from capture the flag, elimination, respawn, Zombies, and more.


Bombed Village

It is just about finished, Right out of a game and from WWII, comes our newest field.

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Arena / Events


The Civil War

One of our most popular fields, with simulated head quarters, and trenches, and the infamous no mans land.


Milsim Lite




Airsoft is a military-style simulation game, which uses 6mm BBs that are usually shot out replica firearms. These can include pistols, assault rifles, SMGs and even sniper rifles. There are lots of different game types with variations but the most popular ones are team death match and capture the flag type games,

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