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Airsoft is a military-style simulation game, which uses 6mm BBs that are usually shot out replica firearms. These can include pistols, assault rifles, SMGs and even sniper rifles. There are lots of different game types with variations but the most popular ones are team death match and capture the flag type games.


Private Party

  • Covers Up to 10 players
  • Includes: 10 guns, 10 masks, private ref and 5,000 BB's (in total)
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Rental Package

  • Unlimited play
  • Includes: rental gun, rental mask and one clip loaded with BB's
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Entrance Fee

  • Unlimited play
  • Bring your own everything
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Bombed Village

It is just about finished, Right out of a game and from WWII, comes our newest field.

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Arena / Events


The Civil War

One of our most popular fields, with simulated head quarters, and trenches, and the infamous no mans land.


Milsim Lite


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