Safety Rules

Please read the rules and make sure everyone in your group is aware. Our goal is to keep every visitor safe and to this we must strictly enforce the following.

- All Players while on the field must keep face mask down, no exceptions.

-When off of the field you must have a barrel cover over the end of your barrel and gun on safe.

-No blind firing, (you must be looking at what you are shooting at).

-No Bunkering, You are not allowed to shoot anyone that is closer that 20' or a bunkers distance away. If you come up on someone and your are closer then 20' or a bunkers distance away, You must tell them to surrender.

-Absolutely No shooting over the net

-All markers must be chrono graphed to shoot less than 280fps.(our refs can help you with adjusting your marker).

-No climbing on obsticals or bunkers

-No faul language

-No alcoholic beverages

Players are given a briefing, maybe a warning, then eviction.


First Time Playing?

Types of Play

The most popular type of play is elimination. You keep shooting at each other until all players from a team are eliminated. Next most popular is Respawn: similar to elimination except, after you have been in the dead box for 30 sec. you start playing again. We have alot of different typs of play and your ref will be happy to explain them all: Defender, Alamo, Sharpshooter, Capture the flag, Mil sims missions and more.

How to Play

Arriving – Go to registration table and fill out waivers. You can use our I pads, smart phone or prior to arriving. Once waiver is complete you will be givin an arm band.

Check in – After waiver is completed you will go to the check in window and let them know what type of group you are ( private party, walk ons, other). You will pay your balance then.

Equipment – After check in, your group is givin their equipment. An equipment form will be signed, stating that you are responsibe for the equipment ( lost, stolen or damaged) and an Id or credit card will be held until all equipment is returned.

Safety Breifing – You will be instructed to take all equipment and go to the safety breifing area, where you will be givin a safety breifing by our head referee. The safety briefing will cover the operation of the equipment, how to play and most importantly our safety rules. We take safety very seriously, and failure to follow the safety rules will result in confiscation of equipment and possible eviction from the property. The two most important safety rules to follow are to keep your mask on while on a playing field and the second rule is to always have the end of your barrel covered with a barrel sleve when you are not playing or when you are in our stagging area. After your safety breifing, you will be assigned to a referee.

Referee – Each group of people is assigned to a referee. The referee will assist you with any questions and inforce our safety rules. You will take your equipment to your group referee and fill your markers with paint and have the referee assist you to fill your tanks with air. Then wait for the referee to call everyone out to a field to play a game. One the field the referee will split everyone into 2 groups. Each group will walk to opposite side of the field and wait for the referee to start the game. The referee will be enforcing safety rules and helping to call people out and signal the end of the game.

Basically you are divided into two teams, and you start at opposite sides of the field. A ref will signal the start of the game. You start shooting at each other, and you are considered out when a paintball hits you or your equipment and breaks. Once you are hit, you go to your dead box or side line, keep your mask on and wait to the end of the game. The referee will signal end of game.

After the game – When a game is over, Put your barrel cover on your gun then you will return to your table and refill with paint and air and wait for the next game to start.

End of day – When your group is finished playing for the day you will take your rental equipment to the equipment window/ check in. Once your equipment is check and returned, you will be givin your id/credit card back.

Getting Shot

People often ask what if feels like to be shot by a paint ball. It has been described, like getting stung or less depending on how sensitive you are, but at close range can hurt and leave a mark and feel more like someone threw something hard at you. Of course it depends on how sensitive you are and how well your dressed, this is why we recommend that yoiu wear layers. If you find that the balls dont hurt you can remove the layers or inbetween games you can remove layers. We also offer chest protector for rent and for sale. We have no bunkering rules, which requires players to surrender when they are within 20′ of another player, we do our absolute best to enforce this rule. All privately owned guns must be crono graphed to shoot 280fps or less. At our field we are Field Paint only, which means that you are only allowed to shoot our paint, which is a higher grade field protected paint, that breaks with less force than cheap paint. Which means less pain and more fun.

If you have younger players or players that are just intemmidated to play paintball, then we recommend our new youth paintball package, The youth paintball is a smaller paintball and will break with 1/2 the force of a regular paintball, we also use smaller markers that are 1/2 the weight of a regular marker. When compared side by side the only difference is a smaller scale. The youth paintball marker looks and feels and acts just like the regular paintball markers. When standing about 6′ away, The feeling is compared to being stung by a rubber band. Youth paintball guns can be used by any age player, we recommend ages 7 and older. There is no max age limit.

If having something shot at you is just not for you, then consider our laser tag parties. These laser tag parties use guns that look like paintball markers, but just shoot an inferred beam, similar to a tv remote.

What to Wear

When playing paintball it is best to wear loose clothing, layers always help. The paint that we use is ECO friendly and does not contain oil, but it is still a good idea to wear play clothing. Some players wear hats to keep paint out of their hair. You may also want to wear gloves to protect your hands. Good shoes with some traction, help with running and dodging your opponents. Some people prefer to wear padded chest protectors, that are avaialbe for rent at our field, although most people do not wear them.

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what is Paintball

Paintball Is An Active Sport And Not For The Faint of Heart!

You should know, that the game`s goals may alter and include elimination, capturing the flag and other objects hidden in the playing area, defending the particular point, the attack of the enemy zone.

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