Single Player


Single Player

Recommended for ages 9 and older. Regular paintball shoots the largest ball of paint ( 68 caliber), is compressed air powered with a hopper for paintballs. Regular paintball has an impact force of approx 15 + joules. The impact of a 68 calber paintball has been described as equalivant to getting a needle or a bee sting when hit on the bare skin. We recommend wearing layers, and full face mask. Some players will also choose to wear gloves. We recommend and encourage women and our younger players to wear a chest protector, which are available to rent. Wear loose fitting play clothes, and shoes with a good traction.

Paintball Entrance fee

  • includes all-day compressed air
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Airsoft entrance fee

  • Open Firday 12-5, Sat and Sun 2-6

Single Player Paintball Combo

  • Entrance, Mask, all day air, and 200 paintballs.
  • Rental paintball marker(BT-4 or Tippmann 98)
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Bombed Village

It is just about finished, Right out of a game and from WWII, comes our newest field.

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The Civil War

One of our most popular fields, with simulated head quarters, and trenches, and the infamous no mans land.


Milsim Lite


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