The Fields


The Fields

We are constantly working on improving the facility, and creating fields that are fun and exciting to play on.
We currently have five battlefields that consist of: Bombed Village, The Civil War, Woods Ball, Fort Loudoun, Old Castle

Bombed Village

It is just about finished, Right out of a game and from WWII, comes our newest field.


5 man airball field

Woods Ball

Is located in the woods and has natural logs, trees, and brush to hide behind. It is located along a beautiful 30′ wide, cool, stream.

Old Castle

Is made out of huge stone blocks and has multiple levels with a tower.

what is Paintball

Paintball Is An Active Sport And Not For The Faint of Heart!

You should know, that the game`s goals may alter and include elimination, capturing the flag and other objects hidden in the playing area, defending the particular point, the attack of the enemy zone.

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